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Capital Campaign
Riding Into The Future Together

In 2015 we were blessed to receive a property donation of 9 acres for the site of our future arena. 2016 saw the beginning of our Capital Campaign to build a covered arena to allow all programs to remain on the main property in Norwich. 

Since 2014 we have split our staff, horses and volunteers between the main farm in Norwich and the leased indoor arena in Zanesville. While this has been beneficial in not having to cancel classes due to weather or mud, our resources will be better utilized with all programs, horses, and staff in one location.

Bringing all programs back to one location will allow Breaking Free to
  • Run programs year around to lessen regression of progress made during spring, summer, fall lessons
  • Expand partnerships with schools and health departments to add programs
  • Rotate horses between programs keeping the herd smaller, less expensive, and healthier
  • Have staff helping more individuals instead of spending time traveling back and forth between properties

With Phase 1 the property donation complete, we are onto Phase 2 which consists of a 80x120 covered arena. Our goal is to raise $100,000 for this phase which will cover everything from the land preparation to the building labor to the arena footing.

In the future we will continue with the following phases.
Phase 3 enclosing the arena 
Phase 4 restrooms and office
Phase 5 horse stable

Once the entire project is complete, Breaking Free will be completely set on their own property which will put the center on stable footing for years and year to come.

To donate to the Capital Campaign to further the reach of equine therapy in your area please visit our "Support our Riders" page or contact the office if you would like more information on the campaign. 

Finished Campus