Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. - "Experience the power of the Horse"  "Jeremiah 30:17"
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
Our therapeutic riding lessons help improve individual's physical, psychological and cognitive abilities. The horse is a means of exercise, as well as a warm and friendly companion.
Any child/individual who qualifies under the "Americans with Disabilities Act" is eligible to apply. Each applicant is evaluated before becoming a student to determine if the therapeutic riding program can meet his or her needs.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings
Beginner riding lessons for volunteers, family members of therapeutic riding students or any other individual wanting to learn the basics of horseback riding.

Family Enrichment Program 
This program uses our equine partners to give families who have been through a difficult life change, time to bond, make memories, share goals and use feeling words in a safe and fun environment.

Day Camps
One day horse centered day camps for school groups, clubs or businesses. Can be all groundwork or include riding. Contact the office for more information.

Monday evenings
Breaking Free's Horses for Heroes program is open to all eligible US Veterans who are interested in working with or around horses, or in a farm and barn atmosphere. The Horses for Heroes program will allow Veterans to identify their own goals for the program and to work individually or in a group setting with their horse partner and an instructor.