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Help Veterans ride their way back!

In may 2015 we added a new program called "Horses for Heroes". This program is open to all eligible US Veterans (FREE OF CHARGE) and we are working together with the local veterans medical clinic.

Horses for Heroes , a non-traditional animal-assisted therapy program that involves using horses in equine-assisted activities for wounded warriors, was formed in response to the growing need for therapy for war veterans. The program provides therapeutic benefits to participants who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. Participants in the program are often veterans who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injury (TBI), both of which can cause numerous physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects. Wounded warriors struggle to regain valuable skills that have been lost due to injury on the battlefield and find therapeutic benefit in equestrian-related activities. As quoted by a US Veteran riding in a PATH Program "You know I was planning on killing myself and this horse made the difference between me doing that or not. This horse saved my life."

To help veterans ride who have severe injuries we are in need of a so called "Independent Strides saddle" This saddle allows a person with severe physical challenges to sit safely and independenlty astride a horse, while physical dependency on sidewalkers is dramatically decreased. The strides saddle gives a sense of accomplishment. 

The saddle offers each rider an immeasurable sense of success and self-fulfillment, maximizing his or her quality of life.

The price of an independent strides saddle, $5695, reflects the enormous amount of time and effort involved in designing, testing and manufacturing a saddle versatile enough to deliver safe and beneficial therapy to individuals with severe impairments. 

As a non-profit organisation, Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding Center operates on a small budget that continues to grow yearly. We rely on the support of many dedicated volunteers who donate their time, expertise & treasures to help the organization run. As our presence in the community grows, we have enjoyed increased support from local businesses and foundations, but for some things you just need that little extra help. That's why we are currently raising funds using

If you like more information on the Horses for Heroes program, the Independent Strides saddle, or the fund raiser, please contact our center.

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