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Capital Campaign

Riding Into The Future 

Together (Ongoing)

In 2015 we were blessed to receive a property donation of 9 acres for the site of our future arena, 2016 saw the beginning of our Capital Campaign, and in 2017 construction began. With Phase 1 the property donation and Phase 2 the covered 80'x120' arena complete we are on to Phase 3-4 to finish our viewing room/safe entryway. And to add a restroom and an office.

Strides forward with 2022 Grants!

Straker Foundation Grant will allow us to complete the waiting/viewing great room which will help us extend our riding season, allowing form more progress and less regression during long breaks. Riders will be able to wait inside out of the elements, parents can watch their riders up close and interact wand gain support from other families.

Muskingum County Community Foundation grant will be used to complete the entry way/patio project. Riders who use walkers, wheelchairs or who have challenges on uneven surfaces will soon be able to pull directly up to the paved and covered unloading area and come straight down to either the arena or waiting area. 

In the future we will continue with the following phases.

Phase 3-4 arena sidewalls, restrooms and office

Finished Campus

Once the entire project is complete, Breaking Free will be completely set on their own property which will put the center on stable footing for years and year to come.

  • Run programs more days a week, spring, summer, fall. 

  • Expand partnerships with schools and health departments to add daytime programs

  • Rotate horses between programs keeping the herd smaller, less expensive, and healthier

  • Have staff helping more individuals  

To donate t​o the Capital Campaign to further the reach of 

equine therapy in your area please visit our "Support Riders" page or contact the office if you would like more 

information on the campaign. 

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