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Sponsor a horse!


The Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding and Horses for Heroes program could not exist without an amazing herd of horses that continues to bring their riders and volunteers strength, freedom, confidence, dreams, friendship and much more.

Taking good care of our horses is a large part of our program budget. Some of the costs of caring for a horse include:

Farrier every 6-8 weeks $520 per year

Horses hoofs are constantly growing, just like our fingernails. Farriers keep their hoofs clipped to keep them healthy and pain free.

De-worming 4-5 times a year $75 for one horse for one year

Basic veterinary care each year $450 for one horse

Daily hay (price depending on season) $360 a year for one horse

Horses need constant forage to munch on. Grass is best, but when fall/winter comes grass needs supplemented with hay.

Grain for 1 horse $400 per year

Our horses LOVE to eat and get a  a well balance grain.

Misc. horse expenses $300 a year per horse average

Such as chiropractor adjustments and medications & supplements.

Sponsorships help purchase feed, hay, nutritional and medicinal supplements, bedding, farrier services, veterinary and dentistry care, chiropractor and barn supplies such as feed tubs and water buckets, halters and lead ropes, fly spray, shampoo, liniment, wound-care materials, etc.

All funds received through 'sponsor a horse' will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, healthy, and well cared for group of horses for Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding Center Inc.

As a Sponsor

- You can sponsor a horse by yourself, with your family, your club or even your business.

- You will receive a certificate and photo of your sponsored horse.

- Your receive your donation slip for your Tax write-off

- Recognition on our website (with link to your business site or personal Facebook page if desired) and in our Quarterly newsletter.

- Annual personalized update about your sponsored horse.

- You are welcome to stop by and visit your sponsored horse during normal program hours, but we suggest that you call ahead to determine when your horse is not on duty.

- You get our enduring gratitude!

Check out our Horse Partners page to see which horses are available for sponsorship!

You can download our sponsorship form or sponsor directly through our website!

Horses need physicals just like humans. Our horses get physicals 1 time a year. Sometimes a horse needs an emergency vet visit, dental work these visits cost extra.

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