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It takes a special horse to be a Breaking Free horse

Patient, friendly, reliable and a calm attitude are some of the qualities we look for in a therapy horse. Here at Breaking Free TRC we take great care in choosing the right horse for the right program.

Horses for the Therapeutic Riding Program require other qualities than horses for the Horses for Heroes program. Each horse goes through a minimum 6 week trial and training period before they can be accepted.

Sponsor a horse!

The Breaking Free Equine facilitated programs could not exist without an amazing herd of horses that continues to bring their riders and volunteers strength, freedom, confidence, dreams, friendship and much more. You can become a full sponsor for one year for $1000 or you can choose a half sponsorship for 6 months for $500.

All funds received through 'sponsor a horse' will be used exclusively for the development and maintenance of a sound, healthy, and well cared for group of horses for Breaking Free Therapeutic Riding Center Inc.

As a Sponsor

- You can sponsor a horse by yourself, with your family, your club or even your business.

- You will receive a certificate and photo of your sponsored horse.

- You will receive your donation slip for your Tax write-off

- Recognition on our website (with link to your business site or personal Facebook page if desired) and in our Quarterly newsletter.

- Annual personalized update about your sponsored horse.

- You are welcome to stop by and visit your sponsored horse during normal program hours, but we suggest that you call ahead to determine when your horse is not on duty.

- You get our enduring gratitude!

You can download our sponsorship form or sponsor directly through our website!

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