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Donors Because we recognize the value of horse therapy for persons with disabilities and want all students to be able to participate, we strive to offer scholarships to any student who needs one. Our goal is to provide equine activities for people with special needs regardless of their ability to pay. This can only be met through the generous donations of our sponsors. 

Another need that is met through donations is the cost of horse care and equipment upkeep. Keeping our horses and equipment in top physical condition is a priority, because we want our students to have a safe experience at all times.    

Thank you for the interest in our organization that you have shown in the past. Without generous supporters the services we provide for riders would not be possible. We are a 501c3/ Charitable non-profit agency, and all donations are tax-deductible. The families sincerely appreciate your generous contribution that helps to make success stories possible.

Please consider sharing in our mission. A donation of any size will be sincerely appreciated, and a 100% tax-deductible. A receipt will be provided at the close of the year. If you would like more information, please contact Center Director Linda Lake, at 740 995-9395.  

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